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FOCUS: In 2017, Orey decided to focus on the Transportation and Logistics sector, having decided to sell all other non-related assets and liabilities, such as the financial sector and the alternative investments in Brazil. Consequently, Orey will be able to invest all its resources and efforts in the business of Transport and Logistics, with presence in Portugal, Spain and Sub-Saharan Africa, namely Angola and Mozambique, where it has always held a leading position.

GROWTH: Orey wants to grow and have more scale. To achieve this in the long term, we have to grow both organically as well as to take advantage of platform add-on acquisitions, taking advantage of the resulting synergies. We are in a privileged position to do this, since we can leverage our knowledge of the Transport and Logistics industry as well as our expertise in mergers and acquisitions transactions.

OPPORTUNITY: With more than 130 years of flexibility, resilience and knowledge, we want to expand our business model, taking advantage of the opportunities that will arise. We believe that the key to the desired success, incorporates a constant concern in taking care of today but also to actively prepare for tomorrow. Forward thinking, strong planning and perfect execution.

Executive Board


Orey is regulated by the CMVM and complies with strict rules of corporate governance, as determined by Euronext. The Board of Directors (“BoD”) is composed of 6 Directors, 3 of which are non-executive and 2 of which are independent, the day-to-day management is the responsibility of an Executive Committee, there is a Remuneration Committee which is responsible for setting the remuneration of the Board of Directors and other members of the corporate bodies, there is an Audit Committee, annual accounts are audited by an External Auditor, who must be changed every two mandates and, finally, accounts are presented on a quarterly basis.

Social Responsibility

We believe that in today´s world educating the info-excluded is essential to the development of individuals and, consequently, to the sustained development of the society in which we live. Schooling is a prime moment in the construction of citizenship and the knowledge provided by the school helps the individual to know, when faced with the complexity of the real world, how to position himself, to orient his activities and to make conscious choices in his day-to-day life.

Education is a solution for the construction of a better future, for two essential reasons: It provides citizens with greater awareness of their rights and their obligations towards society, enabling them to make their surroundings fairer, surroundings that are less unequal and provide a better quality of life and it improves workplace qualifications and, interlinked with economic growth, will allow the bases to be created for job-creation and, subsequently, sustained economic growth.
Because we consider the evolution of all citizens to be fundamental, we are supporting the excellent work done by the Association Qe, uma Nova Linguagem para a Incapacidade, IPSS, in Portugal.
In Angola, we are giving support to our regional communities by helping to build a primary school (Escola primária do km34).

Fight against Hunger and Poverty
“Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services.” In Article 25 - Universal Declaration of Human Rights
At Orey we think that food and the minimum means of subsistence, as well as air, water, heating and light are prime rights of every human being. Without such basic rights no individual can promote his self-confidence, live happily and develop himself. For that reason, Orey supports the following organizations:
Portugal - Banco Alimentar
Angola - Grupo Amizade

Life Preservation and Support
Unfortunately, there are countless cases in our countries of abandoned children, of young mothers with no support either from government or from their families, and of families with children at risk. Because we believe that the right to life is the fundamental right of human beings, we provide support to institutions that have been outstanding in saving so many children from a future without hope, such as:

Ajuda de Berço
Movimento de Defesa da Vida (MDV)
Grupo Amizade

Combat against Drugs
Drugs are a scourge that affect increasing numbers of youths and destroy the happiness and harmony of countless homes in Portugal. More than moralist speeches we need institutions that make a difference, and there are many but they need constant help.

Vale de Acor