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Orey is a transport and logistics company operating in Portugal, Spain and Sub-Saharan Africa. Incorporated in 1886, and with more than 130 years of history, it has established itself as a reference in the marketplace of the Transport and Logistics sector, showing flexibility and adaptability to the global market, as well as high resilience to the various economic and political cycles. Today, Orey is in the final process of selling all other assets and liabilities in its balance sheet that are non operational or non related to the Transport and Logistics business.
Orey is listed on Euronext Lisbon since 1986 and offers constant growth opportunities to its current and future investors, customers or other companies in the sector, in a new favorable macroeconomic cycle. After the last restructuring cycle, where it decided to concentrate only on the Transport and Logistics sector, Orey wants to reposition itself in the capital markets regaining its awareness as well as improving the liquidity of shares.


Founded in 1886, Orey has a business tradition that goes back to more than a century. During its long history it went through numerous economic cycles, two world wars, a national revolution, the separation and independence of ex-colonies, various phases of social and political life both in Portugal and abroad. Since its inception, its management has been in the hands of the d’Orey family, now in its fourth generation. In recent years, the Group has been able to make its management more professional, both at the level of its subsidiaries as well as within the Board itself, by adopting the best management practices, incorporating a dynamic of change and by establishing strategic guidelines and objectives.
Historically, the company has always been a diversified holding company. Ten years ago, it decided to invest in the financial sector as part of its diversification strategy. The huge changes in the business environment, in particular in the financial sector, led to the decision, in 2017, to focus only in the Transport and Logistics sector, and also to sell all other non-related assets and liabilities, namely its investments in Brazil.


To provide superior Transport and Logistics services that can help our CUSTOMERS move and store their cargo more efficiently, that enables us to be the preferred local partner of our PRINCIPALS, that makes our TEAMS proud of, and that delivers long-term returns to our INVESTORS.


FOCUS: In 2017, Orey decided to focus on the Transportation and Logistics sector, having decided to sell all other non-related assets and liabilities, such as the financial sector and the alternative investments in Brazil. Consequently, Orey will be able to invest all its resources and efforts in the business of Transport and Logistics, with presence in Portugal, Spain and Sub-Saharan Africa, namely Angola and Mozambique, where it has always held a leading position.

GROWTH: Orey wants to grow and have more scale. To achieve this in the long term, we have to grow both organically as well as to take advantage of platform add-on acquisitions, taking advantage of the resulting synergies. We are in a privileged position to do this, since we can leverage our knowledge of the Transport and Logistics industry as well as our expertise in mergers and acquisitions transactions.

OPPORTUNITY: With more than 130 years of flexibility, resilience and knowledge, we want to expand our business model, taking advantage of the opportunities that will arise. We believe that the key to the desired success, incorporates a constant concern in taking care of today but also to actively prepare for tomorrow. Forward thinking, strong planning and perfect execution.


We honour our commitments, seeking to act ethically with our customers and other business partners.

Customer Orientation
We provide solutions designed for each customer, taking into account their needs and expectations, while seeking to ensure their satisfaction and loyalty.

We maintain the highest safety standards towards people and the environment, in each of the industry segments we operate.

Organization, Quality and Innovation
We foster an environment of ongoing training and development, implementing quality rules governing our activities and actively searching for solutions and alternatives to serve our customers ever more efficiently.

In a highly competitive environment we want to be lean and able to contribute with our solutions to increasing our customers competitiveness.

Social Responsibility
We assume a commitment to socially responsible conduct towards our employees, our customers and the community.


Desire to improve
Each time, improve something.

Open Mindedness
Be open to new ideas and change.

Tackle difficult tasks. Stay integral.

Deliver on promise with no excuse.

Find best solutions with respect for others.

Find ways to enjoy every task.